Our Values

At FoodMaxx, we are taking your savings to the MAXX. We are committed to everyday low prices across the store, and especially on the things you buy most. Milk, eggs, bread, diapers, fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and so much more. We are able to accomplish this by committing ourselves to these 6 principles.


  • Everything we do at FoodMaxx is designed to save you money. How? We buy in bulk. Stock our shelves right off the truck. And you help us by bagging your own groceries. All those little things add up, and we take the savings we get straight to you. Compare our prices to any other warehouse or grocery store. We promise you MAXXsavings on every aisle.


  • Who has the time to comparison shop? We do. We check hundreds of prices each week so you don’t have to. It’s your money and your time. So why run all over town when you get MAXXsavings right here.
  • Most food stores are way too fancy. We know you like to keep things sensible and your prices low…all the glitz and cappuccino and wine tasting just costs more. Which means your groceries cost more too. At FoodMaxx, we’re all about efficiency, speed and simplicity. From the front door to the back dock, we keep our overhead MAXXlow. So it’s easier for us to stock and easier for you to shop. MAXXimizing your savings is simple at FoodMaxx.
  • We’re a family owned company from the Central Valley. So we’re close to fields that grow and raise America’s best produce and meat. We've lived alongside those farmers and ranchers for decades. We'd like to think those relationships allow us to deliver freshness that makes a difference when it comes to bringing you quality at the lowest possible prices. And because our stores sell more and sell faster, there’s something fresh every single day. Quality and freshness plus savings to the MAXX for your family.
  • Saving you money on your groceries is what we do best. We use our buying power as one of the West's largest independent grocers to go after the rock bottom, absolute lowest price. We aren’t looking for fancy promotions, we’re focused on everyday savings and steals. When you shop at FoodMaxx, you can trust the prices are lower for a lot of reasons—one big one is how we get great deals “by the truckload” to MAXXimize your shopping power.