“We’re a value supermarket, but that doesn't mean we don’t strive to be freshest, cleanest and the friendliest in town. It just means you won't have to pay more for it.” 
–The FoodMaxx Family

FoodMaxx is a warehouse-style grocery chain where value meets freshness in no-frills, membership-free marketplaces. We don’t force our shoppers to buy in bulk and we’ll never expect them to compromise quality for lower prices.

Our family-owned and operated business understands how far a dollar should stretch at the dinner table. That’s why we work hard to cut costs on high quality products. Because we’re not just selling groceries, we’re feeding our neighbors, their families and the communities we live in.

A Great Idea

Our story began in 1986, when Save Mart CEO Bob Piccinini began to see the potential of a new and different supermarket concept: less can be more. Without the frills and excess of many modern stores, we could offer the same products at a fraction of the price.

After making this simple concept a success, when we built two Food 4 Less stores, the first FoodMaxx was opened in Bakersfield, California in 1989. By 2000, 15 FoodMaxx stores were offering the highest quality products at the lowest possible costs. By 2003, the FoodMaxx brand had more than doubled.

As we continue to grow, with 52 stores open regionally, FoodMaxx is still committed to the great idea we were founded upon: providing affordable, quality groceries, without frills or membership fees.

Today and Tomorrow

FoodMaxx remains dedicated to two principles above all others: value and quality. We only want the best for our families, so we’d never settle for less than the best for yours.

Our mission-driven focus on value and quality keeps us striving to offer a lower-cost, no-frills supermarket experience while making our shoppers feel welcome, anytime. We look forward to many more decades of helping our communities buy more, for less.