FoodMaxx Smart Snackin' Store Tour

Smart Snackin' Store Tour

It's easy to request a Tour at one of our stores. Simply fill out the form below and a confirmation of your reservation will be emailed directly to you shortly. If you should need to cancel or change a previously scheduled time, please call the store directly. The fields with an asterisk* must be completed to submit your information. To facilitate your Smart Snackin’ Store Tour, we have prepared the following Permission Slip. (Download it as a PDF here)

Once the tour is approved you will receive an e-mail confirming the date and time. If you have any question please call 209-574-6299 x6763.

What you'll see

  • 45 minute presentation of your local store.
  • Our trained tour coordinators will lead the tour through the store making stops along the way to share information about the different areas of the store and explain how things work.
  • The last stop of the tour is usually the check stand where we explain how the scanners work and ask the students to scan an item.
We look forward to meeting you and your students.

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At least 4 weeks out.